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Chick Days
Chick Days 2024!
March 23rd-24th

We will have over 1,200 chicks, ducks, guineas, pheasants and more!

TWO FREE SHIPPING DATES on orders delivered during our Chick Days.

Stop in today or call 920.779.3202 to place your poultry order!

View our chicken catalog below!

CLICK HERE to download our pricing poster and more ordering details.

2023 Chicken Brochure-08
2023 Chicken Brochure-03
2023 Chicken Brochure-07
2023 Chicken Brochure-06
2023 Chicken Brochure-05
2023 Chicken Brochure-09
2023 Chicken Brochure-04
2023 Chicken Brochure-02
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